Event Policies & Dress Code



York University Students are allowed to bring non-York students as guests. All guests must be a college or university student and must have school ID with them. All guests must be 19 years of age or older with the exception of all ages pub nights.

York University and Seneca @ York Students who are 18 years of age may attend all ages pub night as long as they have their York ID.
“Underage patrons must be York or Seneca @ York students and possess a valid student ID”

Dress code in effect


Breathalyzer is mandatory for all underage patrons upon entry and exit. They will also receive a prominent “X” on both of their hands.
All underage patrons must possess York or Seneca @ York Student ID.
The Student ID is left in the Breathalyzer room until the end of the night.

Students failing to pick up their cards and/or those who fail the breathalyzer upon exit are automatically banned for a year past their 19th birthday.

Line Up

A security guard is to be patrolling the line ensuring only those who meet the entry criteria are in line.
Everyone joins the line up – NO EXCEPTIONS.
Everyone is subject to UG identification policies.
Security maintains the right to use discretion to refuse entry to any patron they deem problematic, under the influence or aggressive.

Pat Downs

Everyone who attends pub night will receive a pat down.
Water bottles, weapons, drugs, and alcohol will be confiscated at the door and will not be returned.

Wrist Bands

Will be handed out by the MOD only
Breathalyzer staffs are not to give any White wrist bands to any security without MOD authorization.


It is imperative that the Security Staff controlling the counter do so correctly. They ensure a proper count all in and out.


NO IN AND OUTS – no exceptions
If someone leaves, they lose their wrist bands.

Coat Check: Mandatory

All bag packs and sport bags must be checked in to coat check. – MANDATORY

Confiscated items: hats, bags etc., with the exception of banned items, may be retrieved from coat check.

Entry Price

York & Seneca Students $5.00 Guests $10.00 unless otherwise advertised.

Campus Security & 911

ext 33333 ext 58000 – In case of all emergencies call York Security first then 911.

Ambulance or police service and/or violence out of control.

Dress Code

Official DRESS CODE for Underground Pub Nights:

No Sportswear (ie shorts / gym wear / tracksuits / sports socks/athletic running shoes)
No Baseball caps

To clarify:

Rave wear is perfectly acceptable (ie Phat pants / Fluffies etc).
Jeans are acceptable (in good condition).
Dress shorts / Hot pants are acceptable for Women
For Men shorts/pants must be below the knee

Please note:

The Underground promotes a safe club environment.
People who are wearing any banned clothing will not be granted entry or items such as hats will be confiscated and held in coat check.
All other promoters/groups using the venue for Pub Nights must comply with The Underground Dress Code

Dress code in effect.