Catering Policies

To ensure your event is a success, we request orders to be placed by the Thursday of the workweek prior to your event (a minimum of two business days in advance for a Monday event).

Larger receptions and dinners require seven days notice. The guaranteed number of guests is required three business days in advance. If we do not receive confirmation, the original estimate will be used. On Campus delivery from 8am to 8 pm Monday to Friday at a regular delivery rate. Orders made for outside of these hours will incur additional labour costs.

In the event of an emergency order placed in less time than requested above, substitutions may apply and service will be based on product and staff availability. The event organizer agrees to pay the quoted rates for the number guaranteed or in attendance, whichever is greater. We are prepared to serve 5% above the guaranteed number of people attending the function.

We reserve the right to adjust prices on published menu items based on market fluctuations and item availability. Price changes may not be reflected on our menus. Our staff will make every effort to communicate price changes when an order is placed.